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At Heart 2 Heart Marriages, we are much more than a marriage retreat! We are a community of couples seeking to create a jealousy for the bond of marriage so that our children, friends, and those whom God brings to us are loved and inspired to trust Him and live the adventure of destiny that He has placed in us all.

Retreats & Conferences

We offer three marriage encounters; Heart 2 Heart Bonds, Heart 2 Heart Destiny and our annual We Love Our Bond Weekend. They are all offered in a conference format that goes from Friday night to Saturday, or as a weekend retreat. These events are led by Doug Tawlks, Director of the Life Bridge and his wife Shari.

How do I host a Heart 2 Heart Retreat? To learn more about hosting a conference or retreat email us by clicking here!

Heart 2 Heart Bonds

“Let no one split apart what God has joined together.” Mt. 19:6

Heart to Heart Bonds is not just another marriage retreat; it is a transforming journey that integrates prayer and bonding experiences that have brought hundreds of couples closer together in ways they never thought possible. It is positive, fun and transformative. You will also form new bonds with other couples. Join us and find out what our alumni couples mean when they passionately say, “We love our bond!”

Heart 2 Heart Bonds Couples will…

– Discover a new language that will transform the way they communicate.

– Gain a deeper understanding of their sacred bond and experience a new motivation to nurture and protect it.

– Teach couples how to strengthen and protect their bond when they experience conflict.

Stacey & Dave D.

“I’ve already said it, but I’m not going to stop until every couple attends this conference! It’s fantastic, and I promise you, no matter how many retreats and conferences you have been to, you’ve never been to one like this. So just go sign up right now!” 

Heart 2 Heart Destiny

Words cannot describe that life-changing moment when a husband and wife discover why God has brought them together. We all have a drive to know our purpose. Some call it destiny others call it a life mission. Did you know God has a destiny for your marriage too?

Rob G. M.A. MFT

I have been to several marriage conferences and I have been a licensed therapist for over 25 years and I can honestly say I have never been to a retreat like Heart 2 Heart.  Its impact on our marriage was deeper than any we have attended.

Couples of Destiny will…

– Discover the treasures of each other’s personalities, gifts and strengths.

– Find God’s picture of the way your individual destinies fit together in a united mission.

– Establish a couple’s mission statement that will empower you to fulfill the purpose that will unite your hearts in a shared adventure.

Heart 2 Heart Marriages Community

Our active Heart 2 Heart Community frequently gathers together building our marriage and friendship bonds. All couples are welcome. Check our events for the next gathering!

Marriage Counseling



The Life Bridge, as well as churches and organizations, host our Marriage events. To learn more about how to host a retreat or conference contact our Director of Marriage Ministries  Click Here

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