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Transforming Prayer Ministries

“We help people experience the power and presence of God in a way that brings freedom from emotional pain and self-destructive thinking so they can joyfully pursue God’s purpose for their lives.”

The Transforming Prayer Model​

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Many pastors and professional counselors who have experienced this prayer process often say that the results are amazing. It has been reported to us many times that more healing happens in one session than numerous sessions of talk counseling. We are not suggesting that Transforming Prayer is a substitute for counseling or a fix-all experience; however, it is often an important missing piece in the process of personal growth and restoration.


Through this process, you will discover lies you believe and see them destroyed so they can no longer bring you emotional and physical harm. As we help you settle into God’s power and presence you will have the opportunity to experience God’s comfort and healing power at deeper levels in your areas of need.


Our prayer model is practical and non-religious. We are committed to being emotionally and denominationally sensitive to people from all Christian backgrounds. This ministry is available to anyone who requests it regardless of religious background.

Transforming Prayer Counseling:
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Transforming Prayer is a life-changing process that has proven effective in helping people get free from self-destructive thinking that causes many forms of anxiety and depression. This model gets its foundations from the highly respected prayer models called Theophostic Prayer developed by Dr. Ed Smith and Freedom in Christ Prayer by Dr. Neil Anderson.


Transforming Prayer Training:

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Equipping Christ Followers to bring others into God’s power and presence so they can walk in the joy and personal freedom of fulfilling their destiny.


Doug Tawlks, M.A. has been training and equipping Pastors, Missionaries, Therapists, Prayer Ministers and lay leaders for over 20 years in Transforming Prayer. We offer this workshop in one or two parts.

Transforming Prayer Part 1

What you can expect to learn and experience is

  • How mental strongholds form, control our emotions, influence our self-defeating behaviors and how to help others overcome them.

  • A strategy for inviting God's presence, counsel and healing power into the painful places of the past in order to restore joy and hope to the present.

  • With a combination of lecture, viewing a live session and personally experiencing the model you will have an opportunity to experience a personal breakthrough.

Woman in Forst Smiling at Sun Light

Transforming Prayer Part 2

For those who want to take this training to the next level you will take part in a hands-on clinic where you can receive and practice the prayer model in smaller groups that lend to a more personal mentoring experience from Doug Tawlks.


What you can expect to learn and experience

  • Learn how to bring people into a closer relationship with God’s power and presence.

  • Develop proven prayer strategies to help people get un-stuck from defeating life patterns.

  • Gain new insights to help you better recognize and follow God’s leading.

  • Learn how to empower others to exercise their authority in Christ.

  • Experience personal breakthrough from receiving this powerful prayer model.

Transforming Prayer Workshops:


The Transforming Prayer Seminar was more than just an informational seminar.  It was interactive and experiential.  I recommend it to anyone involved in ministry or prayer teams.  The experience of Doug and Dave combined with their engaging presentation really prepared me to employ this method of prayer with others as well as in my own life.

Pastor Debbie Naramore

We continue to be blessed with the care our members receive (Here at the Rock of Roseville) when we refer them to your excellent counseling and prayer ministries, and we've personally been blessed with your workshops and classes. Your ministries produce good fruit that remains.


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