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Marriage Intensive

Developed for couples seeking a deeper level of care. 

The Life Bridge Ministries

Marriage Intensive

Combining the Heart 2 Heart Bonds Process with Transforming Prayer;

Bible Centered, Spirit Directed, Psychologically Sound.

Occasionally couples need more than an hour or two a week in counseling in order to get the breakthroughs that they seek. The intensive provides the benefit that comes with going deeper in a shorter period of time by disconnecting from our daily lives and staying focused on the process of healing. 

Our intensives include Pastoral Counseling, individual Transforming Prayer sessions and the Heart 2 Heart Bonding Process for married couples. 

This program was developed to meet the needs of couples living outside of the Northern California region, and those who feel they need a deeper level of care that regular counseling cannot provide. 

Length of the intensive:  Most intensives run for two full days, including evening hours.

The Intensive will be facilitated by Doug and Shari Tawlks, M.A. and other members of the counseling team. Find information here about the Transforming Prayer Model and Heart 2 Heart Marriages.

Doug Tawlks has an undergraduate degree in Psychology and Biblical Studies and an M.A. in Counseling. He has been doing counseling, inner-healing prayer ministry and teaching on the subject for over 30 years.

Intensive fees range from $1,200 to $1,800; depending on lodging needs and length of intensive. In most cases, we can provide free lodging. Scholarships are available.

For more info email us here!

EXAMPLE  SCHEDULE (varies depending on arrival and departure)


9 AM to 10 AM Couples meet together for Intro Session  

10:30 AM to 12-noon Individual Transforming Prayer Session 

12:30 PM Lunch with Ministry Team

2 PM to 4 PM 2nd Individual Transforming Prayer Session 


7 PM to 9 PM Couples session



9 AM TO 11:30 AM Couples session


1 PM TO 4 PM Couples session

4 PM to5:30PM Break

6:30 PM Dinner with Team

The End!

The schedule will be oriented to your needs based on our assessment. Sometimes the process begins on a Friday night and runs until Sunday.

The Life Bridge Ministries is a 501c3 Non-profit religious organization. 

“Our mission is to restore hearts and release the adventure of destiny.”

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