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Meet Doug Tawlks

Doug Tawlks is committed to living a life filled with meaningful adventures. As the founder and director of The Life Bridge, a counseling and equipping ministry, his mission is to restore hearts and release the adventure of destiny in the lives of people seeking to overcome fear and live at a deeper level of joy and purpose. 

It’s in Christ that we find out who we are and what we are living for.

Eph. 1:11 MSG

Some of Doug’s adventures involved several trips to the mission field including traveling to other countries to train and speak to Pastors, Missionaries and Leaders on Transforming Prayer and Building Heart 2 Heart Marriages. He has worked as a Youth Pastor and a Wilderness Instructor in survival and rock climbing. Doug’s experience as a social worker in foster care and running a center for families of at-risk teens has given him a unique understanding of the challenges that people face from all walks of society. He has also been a University Professor, one of his favorite quotes is from Helen Keller, “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.”

Doug and his wife Shari are the creators of the Heart 2 Heart Marriage Encounters; a unique experience that has been transforming marriages through retreats and a thriving Alumni Community. Also, Doug and his friend  Dave Miller are the co-developers of the “Transforming Prayer Model.” ​

Taken from the article: The Power and the Presence  


“Faith is a Risky Business, but then again so is fear.” That is a line taken from one of Doug Tawlks' adventure novels in the Defenders of the Breach series. “It’s something I learned in college working at Summit Expeditions as a wilderness adventure guide,” says Tawlks. “We used rock climbing and the wilderness as a tool to empower people to overcome fear through risky faith. Our fears are conquered, as we grow stronger in trusting God and follow His leadings. The greatest adventures happen after we risk faith and it’s then that God’s power and presence become tangible to us. At some point I realized that I couldn’t stand passively by waiting to be invited into the moment. By inviting myself instead of waiting for the perfect moment, I have seen the amazing things God can do in and through an ordinary life like mine.”

After college Doug worked for several years as a youth pastor, senior pastor, social worker and counselor. He received a Master’s Degree in counseling and began integrating his Christian beliefs with sound psychological principles. After ten years of counseling, Doug discovered how to bring God’s power and presence into his work as a counselor and that’s when things dramatically changed. “Sometimes after one session of integrating Transforming Prayer with Counseling, I would see people who had been stuck in therapy for years experience life changing freedom. They were as shocked as I was at the results.”
At the heart of all that I do is a commitment to bringing people into God’s presence so they can experience His power to heal and transform lives.

God created us for adventure and without it, life becomes a dull habit to be endured. Fear is the enemy that must be conquered by “Risky Faith” if we are to discover the greatness that God deposited in all of us. – Doug Tawlks

Natalie Grindy, Executive Director of Healing Grace

We recently had the privilege of having Doug Tawlks train our staff. Not only was Doug professional and knowledgeable, the Transforming Prayer element he introduced was wonderfully powerful. Doug was truly a conduit for the power of the Holy Spirit and I believe that this model is a wonderful guide to welcome Jesus, the ultimate Healer, into each of our wounds to continue our journeys to freedom.

Juline Aguilar,  Folsom Lake College

Doug Tawlks is one of the most effective speakers I have ever witnessed. He engages participants in meaningful ways that lead to powerful discovery. Doug is a master at imparting his wisdom yet also allows individuals to discover their own insight. He was entertaining, engaging and very worthwhile.

Sheryl Sturis, MFT

I met Doug as one of my teachers at William Jessup University (a Christ-centered university).  His teaching was refreshing and active; his techniques made you feel like a participant versus just a student.  This was accomplished by some of his most powerful gifts, which is a transforming style of teaching both God's truth and psychological academics.  That in combination with his firm belief of applying what you learn is what makes Doug a unique and transforming individual.

Pastor Jeremy Wight, Thailand

I would HIGHLY recommend you checking out Doug’s ministry. I have never experienced anything like it before and God is using him to bring GREAT freedom from captivity.