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Conquering the Blame and Criticism Curse Part 1

At the core of every struggling marriage is a pattern of blame and criticism. Every time we blame we give away personal power and influence. It is so deeply seated in us that we don’t even know when we are doing it. Some are even addicted to it.  Blame is the human version of condemnation, which is a curse and when we curse others we are siding with the darkness. We are called to bless not curse. The first step to overcoming the blame curse is to recognize when we are doing it and break our alliance with it. We do this by asking God to show us if we are stuck in the blame curse pattern. The good news is he will not blame and curse you for doing it; instead, he will bless you by telling you the truth even if it hurts your ego. Because he loves you and He loves the bond you share with your spouse and others. … you will be a blessing to others. Gen. 2:12b

In His Grasp,

Doug Tawlks

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