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The Great Central Coast Prayer Adventure Part 2

The Great Central Coast Prayer Adventure Day 2

After a delightful meal of bacon and blueberry pancakes provided by our hosts, we hit a bump.   Like a laser-guided missile, Bernie started teaching our hosts how to play dominoes. I nervously watched as the time clicked away. I felt this impromptu dominoes workshop was causing severe mission drift. I decided to do an intervention to get him out of the house and re-focused on our prayer adventure. He was a little ruffled when I intervened to move him on, but it’s okay, it goes with being the lead man of the expedition. Soon we were headed to Morro Bay with the wind at our backs and with Bernie back on track. After landing at the north end of the strand and watching Bernie scarf down a BLT at the Blue Sky Café, I was shocked when Bernie announced that he wanted to go to the car and take a nap. It’s moments like these that make me think it would be easier to herd a school of barracudas. I shook off my disappointment and handed him the car keys because when brother Bernie gets sleepy there’s no getting between him and his Z’s. After he left, I scouted around for some prayer opportunities and came up empty, so I headed back to the car to wake up my snoozing friend, but he was not there. No surprise. Is it possible that barracudas have ADHD? Then I spotted him as he came running toward me licking his lips all animated and stuff. Wow, I thought, he doesn’t look tired anymore. He proceeded to excitedly tell me that he ended up at the ice cream shop instead of taking a nap. Oh well, what do you expect from a foodie like Bernardus? He proceeded to tell the story of how he prayed for the owners of the ice cream parlor after he told me in detail about the ice cream and how delicious it was. Another success for the prayer adventure journal. Way to go Bernie. Final Thoughts: There are people everywhere that need encouragement. We can all offer it. When we do we plant the seeds of the kingdom in their hearts.

‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’ Mt. 25:40

Until Day 3!

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